Increase Conversions

The best click-through rates by industry are
Dating, Finance, B2B, Consumer Services, and Technology. SmartInsights
Evaluation of 200 small business websites:
70% didn’t display clear calls-to-action for anything on their home pages. OnlineMarketingCoach
Getting people to visit your site is one thing. What do you want them to do once they arrive?

Calls To Action

Things you want your visitors to do before they leave your website might include:

  • Put item(s) into a shopping cart... and ultimately check out.
  • Fill out and submit a contact form or survey.
  • Follow a "learn more >>" and explore offerings more deeply.
  • Pursue related content or products.
  • Follow your social media account(s).
  • Register a new account or sign up for something.

Optimize to Increase Conversions

  • Track and measure conversion goals in SEO Reports.
  • Analyze data for strength and weakness in lead funnels and user paths.
  • Set up A/B experiments to continue optimizations.