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Our SEO Audit discovers and prioritizes what needs to be done to fix your website. Often, a handful of fixes can double search visibility within a few weeks.

The Superclean SEO Audit helps us sort out the findings:

  • Must be fixed
  • Should be fixed
  • Suggested optimizations

We can provide our suggestions to your web team or we can arrange to help directly.

Example website fixes for better SEO:

  • Identify and fix broken links.
  • Minimize HTML errors in WC3's HTML5 validator.
  • Minimize rendering errors for mobile.
  • Make your website ADA accessible.
  • Fix or direct fixes for website security and performance issues. (Low-hanging fruit might include caching and gzip compression.)
  • Insure properly structured headers, titles, and meta tags.
  • Minimize duplicate content with canonicals.
  • Identify content/pages for improvements and optimization.
  • Validate for structured data, twitter cards, etc.
  • Whatever else that can be done to fix your website.
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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are some common problems that are easy to fix?

Typical "low hanging fruit" to fix your website include: making the website SSL, fixing the most-offending HTML validation errors (these fixes usually have a positive cascading effect), aligning meta tags with titles and content, and fixing broken links.

What are some problems that are more difficult to fix?

If the site is very old -- for example, hand-crafted with HTML -- some improvements are difficult or impossible to make and you might need a new website. Keep the old car running or time for a new one? Some of these indicators might be:

  • The page URL's show the file suffix and are not "clean" URL's.
  • The HTML and content structure has more than 30 validation errors. You want proper nesting of headers (H1's, H2's, etc.) and page titles. You want clean code too!
  • You don't have any structured data at all (very common.) In some cases this can be folded into existing site, but with effort.

Can you make my website ADA compliant?

From scratch (via yes!! Your existing site build on Wordpress or Javascipt Framework? Maybe. This is a parallel effort with HTML validation to pass ADA compliance tests so that your site is accessible to people with disabilities (such as blindness.)

One of our clients (a grammy-winning bluegrass fiddler) is blind so he was a great validator. You wouldn't believe how effectively blind people can navigate and use the internet -- it's amazing and awesome! If you are a government or B2G site you are practically required to be ADA compliant.